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Our Restaurant SUSPENDS its activities for 18 months

Ambasada Pacyfiku is the first restaurant in Poland specialising in the cuisine of the faraway region of Australia and Oceania. We will do our best to promote what the culture of the Pacific region has to offer.


Our motto is: …to awake dreams.

Most of the products used in our restaurant come from the antipodes. Our Chef has long been fascinated with this remote area of the world and its cuisine and pays special attention to preserving the authenticity of recipes. If you feel like trying kangaroo steak, taro salad, cassava, kumara, yams, or the national dish of Vanuatu, Lap lap, accompanied by exquisite Hawaiian coffee or guanabana tea, come and visit us.

The heart of Kraków, the Hotel Gródek, home to the Ambasada Pacyfiku restaurant.